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Cables Laying Solutions

Practical Solutions For Cable Laying offered by KATIMEX Germany

High Efficiency, with simple and solid techniques.





    EmiratesGreen as distributor from various European companies, as one stop shop offering complete solution for cable, storage, handling, lying, such as:   

    Ä      Cable Drum Handling: Equipment & Accessories

    Ä      Cable Drum Lifters

    Ä      Cable Drum Jacks

    Ä      Decoilers For Cable Coils

    Ä      Solutions For Cable Laying

    Ä      Cable Grips – Large Variety

    Ä      Cable Supports 

    Ä      Wire And Cable Connector Grips

    Ä      Swivels

    Ä      Cable Guiding Equipment / Systems

    Ä      Cable Pulling System S /Devices

    Ä      Cable Pulling Devices For Detection Function

    Ä      Under Floor Cable Pulling System

    Ä      Duct Pullers

    Ä      Cable Guide Heads

    Ä      cable pulling winches

    Ä      Cable Locating Devices

    Ä      cable winders and un-winders 

    Ä      cable withdrawal racks

    Ä      equipment for installers

    Ä      cables handling automatic systems

    Ä      Others

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Cable Drum Jacks, Decoilers For Cable Drums, Cable Grips, Cable Supports,   Wire And Cable Connector Grips, Cable Guiding Equipment, Cable Pulling System, Under Floor Cable Pulling System, Swivels, Cable Pulling Devices For Detection Function, Duct Pullers, Cable Guide Heads, Cable Pulling Winches, Cable Locating Devices, Cable Trollies, Cable Drums Handling Equipment, and others.