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Ceramic FRP Lined Pipe Sys.

CERA offers range of ceramic and FRP lined fittings to meet demands of Abbrasion, Corrosion, Cavitation & High Temperature applications:

Ceramic orifice
Ceramic Pipes
Ceramic Lined Elbows, Reducers, and other fittings and shapes

Ceramic lined pipe systems:

Nominal diameter conformity
Weight reduction
Optimal flow condition
Buffered against vibration
Easy retrofit
Compatible to other sytems
Monolithic ceramic system


Nominal Data
Diameter DN 15-DN 200 (1/2" -8")
ratings PN 6 -PN 16 (ANSI 150)

Steel body
FRP Fiberglass

Various pipe materials
(Steel, Stainless, Fiberglass)

Temperature up to 300 deg. C
Pipe extension
Nominal diameter jumps
Wear sensores

Ceramic lined pipe, fittings,:

Juntion Boxes
Cyclone or cyclone elements
Custom made pipe units
Static mixers



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EmiratesGreen is CERA SYSTEM's authorised agent for CERA SYSTEM's for UAE & Saudi Arabia.