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Digital Hardness Testers

HIGHWOOD -TTS Japan offers Digital Micro Hardness testers for wide range of hardness measurement. 

HIGHWOOD TTS Japan - is highly specilised and expert in providing variety of tools & instruments for hardness measurements and testing, meeting your needs for hardness measruement. 

We only provide the best hardness measruement tools & devices you need, the best!

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"HIHGWOOD" new Digital Hardness Testers

Digital Hardness Tester Features

New Functions, Clear TFT LCD monitor

HWMMT-X has a prominent clear TFT LCD touch panel and an improved easy operation system. Newly added 4-measuring modes (Fracture Toughness Function = KC, Light Load Brinell Hardness Calculation Function, X Bar and Cylindrical Correction Function). Again, HWMMT-X has an Assist Function that ensures most suitable and accurate measuring requirements. Best measurement condition can be assured by taking 2-conditions among thickness of testing samples, hardness and testing load. (X3, X7 only)

Ingenious TURRET mechanism with up to 2 indenters and 4-lenses

The newly designed stable load mechanism and structures provides a high positioning and repeatability. Up to 2-indenters and 4-objective lenses can be equipped on the turret at the same time. Reliable tests can be made in the various requirements. (OPTION)

Largest sample workspace

HWMMT-X has a largest workspace for testing samples of 120mm maximum height and 160mm maximum depth, of which is not existing in the market (all Models). This llows large samples to be measured easily.

Wide range of test loads

HWMMT-X are capable of a wide range of test load, 9-steps (A-type : 51000gf/49.039807mN) and 12 steps (B-type : 12000gf/9.80719614mN). This is ideal a wide range of high and low hardness measurements. Automatic Load change mechanism is also available. (Option) In addition, an Knoop Indenter (Option) can be installed.

Minimum reading of indentation is 0.01μm

In order to meet with high magnifying measurement, 0.01μm minimum reading is realized at 200X1000X total magnification.X3, X7 models only) It allows small indentations to be measured with high precision.

Large and clear TFT LCD monitor (HWMMT-XLCD series)

We combined a Hardness Tester and a 10.4 inch TFT LCD Monitor in a single unit. No eye-move (troublesome) is needed and reducing operator's eye fatgue and error due to the newly designed and unified mechanism with measuing knob equipped at operation panel. (X3, X7) Display a enlarged measuring surface image on the 10.4 inch TFT LCD Monitor.

Halogen Lamp

High brightness Halogen Lamp is available. (Option) This halogen Lamp may exemplify for the high magnified measurements and low contrast when measuring.

Digital micrometer head function

This Digital Micrometer Head is used in the feeding mechanism of the XY stage. The position data can be digitally displayed or sent to the output port. (Option) The position data can be cused for making a graph etc.

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