EmiratesGreen Electrical & Mechanical Trading 
Abu Dhabi 

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Plants and other Industries Process Equipment & Materials, Piping & Valves, Measurement Tools & Devices & others  

Equipment/Materials for Oil & Gas, Energy, Oil Cleaning and Purification Equipment, Measuring Tools




About EmiratesGreen 
EmiratesGreen is involved in Trading Business to met the needs of Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Commercials-ElectroMechanical and other allied users/industries. Trade mainly includes the following:

 ·          Electrical Equipment / Materials   
 ·          Mechanical Equipment including for Industy and Oil & Gas     
 .          Pipes, Valves, Flanges & Pipe Fittings 

 ·          Workshop related Equipment and Tools. CNC Retrofit of Machine Tools 
 .          Oil Cleaning Equipment visit www.oilchems.com 
 .          Measuring Tools ( Peacock - Japan) visit www.measuringtoolsuae.com      

 .          Bulk Chemicals 
 .          Process/Performance Chemicals
 .          Catalysts (Monomers, Polymers Catalysts)  

.          Solar Energy Equipment 
            This includes Inverters, Solar Panels and related harware / accessories 

CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM: A fully comprehensive services are offered by EmiratesGreen in the field of Cathodic Protection (CP), commitment to design efficient, cost effective cathodic protection systems.


  • Industrial Equipment, Materials & Chemicals - ESNZED IMPEX INC. Canada
  • Pressure Vessels & S & T & Air Coolers - INGI  
  • Measuring Tools - Peacock Ozaki Manufacturing - Japan
  • Solar Energy Equipment/Systems - OutBack Power USA