EmiratesGreen Electrical & Mechanical Trading 
Abu Dhabi 

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Plants and other Industries Process Equipment & Materials, Piping & Valves, Measurement Tools & Devices & others  

Equipment, Tools and Materials for Indusry and Oil & Gas


Industrial Equipment & Materials  


Industrial Equipment for variety of applications in Industry & Oil & Gas Sectors, e.g.: 

EmiratesGreen offers its affiliate's (“Pressure System Industries Sdn Bhd Malaysia” a fabrication company serving the oil, gas, water treatment and general industry with expertise) large range of equipment such as below :

1. Pressure Vessel Fabrication 
  • Separators
  •    LPG Storage Tanks
  •    Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  •    Reboilers and Heat Exchangers
  •    Surge Vessel
  •    Clarifier and Incline Plate Clarifier
  •    Saturation Vessel
  •    Thermal and Vacuum Deareators
  •    Sand, Multimedia, Dual Media Filters
2. Assembly and Packaging of Process Equipment  3. Skids and Modules
4. Fabrication and Installation of Vessel Internals
5. Storage Tanks
6. Cladding by Weld Overlay
7. Rubber and Cement Lining of Vessel
8. Nitrogen Generator
9. Others

Materials / Chemicals

In collabration with ESNZED IMPEX INC - CANADA, EmiratesGreen offers

  • Bulk Chemicals including Hexane, Heptane, Paraxyelne, Butene
  • Activated Carbon
  • Activated Alumina 
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Cataysts
  • Monomers
  • Polymers
  • Others



Valves, Piping & Fittings

Valves as per ANSI, API in various materials & sizes for different process conditions.

Mechanical valves; Gate, Globe, Needle, Ball, Knife, Plug, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Safety Relief and Non-return.

High temerature & high pressure valves.
Cryogenic valves.

Piping & Pipefittings (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,
Cast Iron, PVC, HDPE).


Industrial Tools & Machine Shop Equipment