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Hardness Testers - Ultrasonic & Digital Types

SONOHARD- TTS Japan offers handy/portable hardness testers for wide range of hardness measurement. 

SONOHARD - TTS Japan - is highly specilised and expert in providing variety of tools & instruments for hardness measurements and testing, meeting your needs for hardness measruement. 

We only provide the best hardness measruement tools & devices you need, the best!

Solution for Hardness Measurement  

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Portable Type Hardness Measurement Tools

Ultrasonic Type Hardness Measurement Devices

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Micro Digital Hardness Testers


Handy Hardness Measurement - Portable Hardness Tester SONOHARD SH-21 Features

§ Measurement possible in just a few seconds. Makes it possible to reduce measurement time.

§ Extremely minute indentations (approximately 0.1mm²) Can be used for product inspections, as indentations are virtually unnoticeable.

§ Direct reading of hardness values (HV,HRC,HS, and HB). The hardness value can be obtained with one measurement without using calculation formulas.

§ Conversion to tensile strength (N/m). The level of the strength of materials can be converted according to tensile strength values.

§ Measuring tables (wooden, iron, resin, etc) do not affect measurement. Can be used without worrying about the location of measurement.

§ The backsides of test samples do not affect measurement. Measurements can be made without being influenced by the backside of work pieces.

§ Data can be stored in memory up to 2,000 pieces. Data can be managed easily using customer's own developed software of data transfer to PC.

§ 10 pieces of calibration memory. It is not necessary to re-calibrate every time the nature of the work changes.

§ The handy recharge pack makes it easy to carry out on-site measurements.
This makes it possible to measure steel towers, ships ,large-scale parts, complexly arranged parts and other items both indoors and outdoors in their natural state.

§ Free measuring ability in all directions. Not only vertically and horizontally but all directional measurements can be made without any compensation.

§ Beneficial to reducing costs by making periodic part replacement unnecessary.
Static pressure types of loads eliminate the need for temporary parts and annual replacement.

§ Hardening and annealing can be controlled according to hardness levels.
It is possible to check the state of hardening and annealing of repaired metal casts according to their hardness levels.

§ Possible to make output to an external printer (optional). This makes it possible to quickly record measurement data using a printer on site.

§ Upper and lower limit alarms can be established. It is possible to set up alarms to notify if the allowable limits of a work piece have been surpassed.

Portable Hardness Testers for Hardness Measurement even at difficult locations

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