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Mining Industry Solutions - Ceramic Lined Valves, Ceramic Lined Piping and Fittings

EmiratesGreen offers range of ceramic products and solutions for Mining Industry to meet demands of Abbrasion, Corrosion, Cavitation & High Temperature applications.

Ceramic lined pipe, fittings,:

Piping system, Fittings, Reducers, Shapes, Nozzles
Ceramic Lined Pipes 
Cyclone or cyclone elements
Custom made pipe units
Static mixers

Mining application of Ceramic Valves and Pipes


Example Copper mining extraction:

Cu extraction from oxide ore / or sulfide ore

20-28% H2SO4 + Cu-slurry (20-30%), 50°C, 2-3bar

“Oxidation Reduction Potential” ORP

FeCl3 slurry (oxide ore)


Example Copper mining extraction:

Floatation, filtering and concentration of Cu (sulfide ore)

Cu – suspension (20-30% solids) filtering

Cu – tailing suspension


Smelter application (dry)

copper concentrate fines / powder (80% Cu)

vent valves and bottom of hopper (pressure conveyor).

XSTRATA Altonorte



Secondary applications:

FGD of flue gas from sinter furnace, smelter (CaCO3)

Bi – product: Molybdenum slurry



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