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Oil Filtration System for Hydraulic Oil, Lubricating Oils


Increase the Reliability, Production, and Lifetime of Your Plant Systems & Equipment - and Lifetime of Your Oil!

The key to reliable machinery is clean oil. We offer Oil Filtration Systems for removal of particles, water, acid and oil degradation products from oil and other fluids.

Preventive oil maintenance is an important factor to ensure increased equipment reliability and lifetime - in all industries.

Minimize / Avoid breakdowns - Oil systems 80% of shutdowns and failures are due to reason of contamination in Oil.

EmiratesGreen offers a range of offline filtration system and equipment for such as follows: 

a)              Power

b)             Wind

c)              Mining

d)             Cement    

e)             Industry

f)               Others

Reduced downtime & production loss  due to equipment’s failure and breakdowns, extended components and equipment lifetime, extended oil lifetime, save cost, reduced impact on the environment.

Avoid - Reduce Oil related problems & save cost by installation of offline Oil Filtration System / Equipment:



Enhance Your production factor for gearboxes of wind turbine.



Minimize / Avoid breakdown of cranes and other equipment,

Improve component and equipment’s lifetime and reduce repair and maintenance costs.



Achieve less down-time and reduced maintenance costs by minimizing water, particles and varnish in turbine & other oil systems.



Reduce down-time and lost production with clean oil in mills, crushers, and earth moving equipment.


Various Industries

Reduce Shutdowns / breakdowns - hydraulic systems 80% of failures related to contamination in the oil.


Below are the key factors associated with wear and tear due to oil contamination:

- Sandblasting: When particles are transported with the oil flow, the particles collide with metal parts, destroying the metal surfaces and forming the new particles.   

- Grinding: When clearance sized hard particles are wedged between movable metal parts. it destroys the metal surfaces further and can result in additional wear.     

- Cavitation: It occurs in area where water is present and oil is compressed. The water implodes and blows particles off the metal surfaces, which cracks . 

- Corrosion: Water or chemical contamination in oil causes rust or chemical reactions, which deteriorate the component surfaces.     

- Oil Degradation: Worn seals causes ingress of water, which at high pressure emulsifies developing varnish deposits on system   

Our offered off-line Filters remove particles, absorb water and absorb oil degradation products round-the-clock.  

Our Off-line Filters not only retain solid particles and water. They also remove oil degradation by-products.

"SOFT CONTAMINANTS" - which are the precursors to the sticky vanish that deposits on metal surfaces. They cannot be removed by traditional filtration. They cannot be removed by traditional filtration.