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Process Instrumentation

Complete Solution for Process Control Instruments  

Large Range of Instruments

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Process Control Instrumentation & Industrial Valves for Process Industry

Some of our principal products are:

•Variable Area Flow Meters i.e. Rotameters - Glass tube, Acrylic, Magnetic, Digital, By-pass, Purge, etc.

•Turbine Flow Meters

•Ultrasonic Flow Meters - Clamp-on (non-contact), Water Meters, Gas Meters, Inline type (IDEAL FOR MARINE, DAIRY & SANITARY APPLICATIONS), Ultrasonic Meters Supplier in Abu Dhabi - UAE.


•Positive Displacement Flow Meters

•Electromagnetic Flow Meters

•Conductivity Meters

•Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

•Vortex Flow Meters

•Portable Flow Meters

•Lab equipment - pH meters, electrodes, probes, photometers, analysers, etc.

•Pumping systems

•Valves - Ball, Gate, Globe, Plug, NRV, Safety, Control, Solenoid, etc.

•Chlorine Ton containers (cylinders)

•LevelIndicators - Tubular, Magnetic, Reflex, Transparent, Float & Board (actual & 1/2, 1/3rd & 1/4th versions), Vapourseal type (for corrosive/volatile/inflammable liquids or vapours), etc.

•Float Level Switches - Top & Side mounted

•Level Transmitters - Capacitance and Potentiometric type

•Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - Non-contact type (IDEAL FOR DAIRY & SANITARY APPLICATIONS)


•Flow Switches

•Gas Chlorinators - Wall and tonner mounted

•Pressure & Temperature Gauges, RTD, Thermocouple, Scanners

•Sika type Thermometers