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Sliding Disc Valves: Power Plants, Paper, Pulp, Cement Plants, Catalyst Crackers, Steel Indusry

Sliding Disc Valves: Abbrasive, Corrosive and Special Applications

When wear, corrosion resistance as well as high temperature stability is required then CERA advanced technical ceramic materials can provide the perfect solution. CERA a market leader in ceramic lined valves and pipe systems are constantly developing new applications for customers. For standard applications our customers can benefit large range of standard products.
Typical Fluids:
Abbrasive suspension: Limestone slurry- titanium oxide
Magnesium oxide, silicone oxide, etc.
Fly ash, lime, kaolin, talcum, quartz
Sand, pulverised coal, acids and bases

Sliding Disc Valves



Advantages: Always gas-tight, no death spaces, for controlling small values, control function, for puls duration control

Sliding Disc Valves Products in category Type: SSC, SSL, SDL, SGL

EmiratesGreen is CERA SYSTEM's authorised agent for CERA SYSTEM for UAE & Saudi Arabia.