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Solar Energy for Offshore Platforms - Total Solar Solution


Equipment & Accessories for Solar Power Systems for Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Our Solar Energy related equipment and accessories are described as follows: 


UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Power Inverters System for Classified Areas
EmiratesGreen (EEMT) can provide various types of pure sine wave invertors which includes:

  • On grid invertors / power solutions 
  • Off grid invertors / power solutions
  • MPPT charge controller 
  • Chargers  
  • Intergration hardware 
  • Fully pre-wired system  

EmiratesGreen as OutBack Power authorised distributor for Abu Dhabi / UAE and Saudi Arabia, offers top of the line OUTBACK Power (USA) invertors system.

There are many variables in solar systems components which dictate the pricing, therefore, there is no set pricing for a system. EEMT will provide price based on needs of each customer. Price largely based on factors which determine the price of a Solar System include:

  • Load to be connected/served by solar system 
  • Time for battery back-up 
  • Type of battery 
  • Others  

However, you will find our prices quoted reasonable. We will be happy to quote you a price based on your inquiry.