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Solar Water Heating Systems for Homes - Domestic Applications

Solar Energy

Solar / Thermal Energy is everywhere. It’s lights up our days. It heats the earth, our bodies and our homes. It dries our clothes and gives us   produce like sun-dried tomatoes. All for free!

It’s also used to heat water for domestic use or even pools. There are two ways in which water can be heated:

1. Actively, when a conventional heating element within the solar hot water system heats water on hot days.

2. Passively, when water is preheated before it is delivered to the cold inlet of a conventional gas/ electric water heater.  

EmiratesGreen offers Solar Water Heating Systems for Domestic & Commercial uses;

- System Design

- Equipment and Materials Supply

- and Site Services


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250 Liters Solar Water Heating System for Domestic use (EEMT can provide all size system to meet customer's requirements)

A split system provides an effective way to get hot water from the sun. Equipped with high-efficiency collectors, intelligent controls and pressurized water tanks, our split systems are a smart choice for harvesting hot water from the sun and saving heating cost.




ü  Equipped with pressurized water storage tanks (cylinders) with elegant and safe design.

ü  Water tank inner is made of 316L marine grade stainless steel.

ü  Closed loop (anti-freeze) systems

ü  Strong mounting supports,

ü  Easy installation and maintenance.

ü  Fully automatic temperature differential controller and working station.

ü  Automatic start / stop auxiliary electric heater with preset timing and temperature levels.

ü  Additional electric heater inside the water tank ensures adequate hot water even on cloudy or rainy days.


A Closed loop (Anti-freeze) Solar Water Heating System:




System Capacity


250 Liters

  Water Tank Size

Φ550 x 1520

Number of Collector

2 x 2 M2

  Solar collector Model

SC-BE-2.0B (see page 3-5)

  Collector Area


  Auxiliary Heater


Heat Exchanger (Copper Coil)


Copper coil

Heat Exchanger Area


1.13 M2

Working Pump and control station



Expansion tank



Installation accessories pack


- Mounting support (flat roof or pitched roof)

- Intelligent, full automatic working and pumping station -  - Brass fittings and valves.

Information of solar collector

Our Solar collector offers the most cost-effective option to our solar heating systems. The  absorber is produced using new "injection and press" technology, the copper riser tube is 360o surrounded by the absorber fin and compounded together; this technology ensures not only a very high heat conductivity but also tough durability for a long operational life.

Our Solar collector is special designed for large-scale solar heating systems and household solar heating system in those regions with sufficient solar radiation.

Copper riser tubes are surrounded 360O by absorber fins, the fins and tube are compounded together using new welding technology which ensures the absorber has a faster heat transfer speed, ensuring effective heat conductivity.

Other features of our solar collectors:

Super heat insulation


The bottom and side insulation layers are made of the new modern innovated material, CFC free phenolic foam insulation board; it has a very Low thermal conductivity at only 0.023w/m.k, and prevents heat loss. The fascia is covered by aluminum-foil and the back of the panel integrated with a painted steel plate which ensures a tough and elegant appearance. There is an extra layer of 20mm fiberglass wool, which also improves the heat insulation.


Specification Sheet:




Ext. Dimensions (L x W x H)


2000 x 1000 x 85 (mm)


Gross /Aperture area


2.0 / 1.84 (M2)


Weight (empty)




Fluid Volume




Header Manifold


L1060 / Φ22 / ä 0.6 (mm)


Absorber Type


Absorber type: Fin type, aluminum

Absorber coating: Selective anode oxidation

Optical Performance: Absorption: ~95% / Emission: ~15% Number of risers: 8 PCS

Absorber specification


Risers tube:

Copper TP2 tube

L1886 x Φ9.5 x ä 0.5mm

Riser fin: Aluminum L1840 x W140 x ä0.4m

Frame Casing


Aluminum alloy frame, wall thickness 1.4mm

Insulation (Bottom)


Insulation layer 1: 20mm super-heat protection phenolic foam

insulation hard board (With very low thermal conductivity at 0.023w/m.k) Insulation layer 2: 20mm high- density fiberglass.

Insulation (Side)


20mm super-heat protection phenolic foam insulation board

Back plate


(0.3mm painted steel integrated with phenolic insulation board)

Glass Cover


4mm tempered, patterned solar glass, transitivity up to 87%