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Steel Industry Solutions

EmiratesGreen offers range of ceramic products and solutions for Steel Industry to meet demands of Abbrasion, Corrosion, Cavitation & High Temperature applications.

EAF (electric arc furnace), pig iron desulphurisation OXY

Injection of abrasive elements into melts: MgO2, CaC2, SiO2…

PCI, pulverized coal injection into blast – furnaces (main line and lance

distributor, vent). DRI, direct reduction of iron (up to 700°C): CIRCOREX.

Ceramic lined pipe, fittings,:

Piping system, Fittings, Reducers, Shapes, Nozzles
Ceramic Lined Pipes 
Cyclone or cyclone elements
Custom made pipe units
Static mixers

Applications of Ceramic Valves & Pipes


Pulverized Coal Injection PCI

Coal flow control Depressurizing of coal dust with nitrogen Single lance control of coal dust with nitrogen.


Hot metal desulphurization Dosing applications magnesium peroxide MgO2 calcium carbide CaC2 silicon dioxide SiO2


Direct Reduced Iron DRI Hopper expansion of the Circored® process Nitrogen + iron ore, 4.5 bar-g @ continuous 400 °C, max. 750 °C


Electric Arc Furnaces EAF Injection of coal powder


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