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Survey Cathodic Protection - CP System Survey

Cathodic Protection Systems Survey 

For Cathodic Protection Systems survey, qualified and experience is offered to carry out different surveys / investigations, the existing Cathodic Protection Systems related services compromises of:

a. Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey (DCVG Survey)Soil Resistivity Survey / Soil Analysis
b. Audit of existing CP system
c. Current Drainage Test
d. Potential and current surveys
e. Close interval potential Survey (CIPS Survey)
f. Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM)
g. Holiday Inspection and Cable Insulation Test
h. Interaction (Interference) Testing of foreign structure

Due to growing oil and gas pipeline regulations, operating companies are implementing thorough integrity programs in order to ensure that leaks and failures not to occur.

The Integrity programs which combine assessment of structural conditions along with regular and accurate verification of containment corrosion inspection surveys significantly minimizes the risk of failures and also increasing / extending the useful life of pipeline asset.

Corrosion inspection program helps to identify and allows repairing problems at an early stage in their development, as the small leaks in pipeline can eventually lead to failure and can reduce the risk of pipe failure.