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Valve Actuators

valve actuator is the device or mechanism for closing and opening of a valve. Manually operated valves need some body in attendance to adjust them utilizing a direct or gear type mechanism attached with the stem of valve.

Actuators Products & Technology:

Electric ACTUATORs for Valves: AVA, AVAR & AVAT Series


Mechanical Actuator for Valves

Scotch York Pneumatic Actuators 

Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators

MOV Consulting 

Valves are one of the critical inventions. Valves play an important role in controlling, regulating, guiding and directing the flow of liquids, gases, steam or flowing materials.

Valves are constructed of of steel, iron, steel, or PVC and can handle high temperatures and pressure. In some applications, the velocity is controlled by the valve, and is vital in the success of the system in manner it is applied and can be manually automated or controlled. In each industry, there are many types of valves such as ball, butterfly, v-port, solenoid, sanitary, knife gate, plug etc.

Soemtime an actuator is attached to the valve to control pressure control and control in applications where it is crucial that the actual value be the same as the set point value. This motor box is operated by pneumatic pressure or an electric current. It then changes this energy into motion which changes or moves the valve positioning in order to keep to the set point that was entered into the actuator by the operator.